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An Ever Growing Collection of Vintage Blankets


An Ever Growing Collection of Vintage Blankets

I gotta confess that I am obsessed with vintage wool blankets. 

I began collecting them awhile back when I snatched up a few 

at an estate sale with a large stack of them!  

They are beautiful and so useful.

They are great for snuggling on the sofa, but they are also wonderful to take along to a football game or a picnic. Often times I'll use them at the end of a bed for a punch of color or as a tablecloth when I'm wanting a cozy look. 

Hunting for them is fun too. I keep an eye out for them at garage sales, 

thrift shops and antique stores. 

They can be repurposed into many things too. 

Check out this FAB chair from Red Barn Merchantile!

And this magnificent pillow listed by The Cottage Workroom on Etsy.

My collection of wool blankets is growing all the you collect anything?

I would love to hear about it!


Check out when our The Great Junk Hunt show will be coming to your neck of the woods. You will be able to find items such as these and much more!