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Great Ways To Use Old Ladders


Great Ways To Use Old Ladders

We know ya'll come across rickety old ladders at garage sales. Most men don't see the value in them so they toss em' out for garbage, after all, if they are rickety then they can't be used for their original purpose...right? 

Sooooo WRONG...


Vintage Wedding at The Great Junk Hunt


Vintage Wedding at The Great Junk Hunt

Here comes the bride! Lately, Vintage/Farmhouse weddings have become very popular and seem to be all the rage. Weddings are now taking place on farms, barns, ranches, etc. Being that we put on Vintage markets, we absolutely love it! 



Vintage Refridgerators

Remember the post we did on the vintage fridge we found? After a little research we think we have it pegged for a 1949 Philco. As we researched we were also looking for inspiration on what to do with it. Here are a few pics we would like to share.

Robins Egg Blue

Cotton Candy Pink

Sweet, simple two tone versions.

This is a little wild, but very creative.

Two Tone Pink (one of our favs).

Polka dots are so popular. Very retro!

This one is for the MAN CAVE!

Should we leave it white?

This could possibly be the winner!

Every kitchen needs a little whimsey... we think a vintage fridge will give it that perfect touch.

Don't you agree?

Racheal does!!

All Funky Junk Sisters voted that this is the best idea of all!

Retro Refridgerator doors used as bathroom stall doors.


An Ever Growing Collection of Vintage Blankets


An Ever Growing Collection of Vintage Blankets

I gotta confess that I am obsessed with vintage wool blankets. 

I began collecting them awhile back when I snatched up a few 

at an estate sale with a large stack of them!  

They are beautiful and so useful.

They are great for snuggling on the sofa, but they are also wonderful to take along to a football game or a picnic. Often times I'll use them at the end of a bed for a punch of color or as a tablecloth when I'm wanting a cozy look. 

Hunting for them is fun too. I keep an eye out for them at garage sales, 

thrift shops and antique stores. 

They can be repurposed into many things too. 

Check out this FAB chair from Red Barn Merchantile!

And this magnificent pillow listed by The Cottage Workroom on Etsy.

My collection of wool blankets is growing all the you collect anything?

I would love to hear about it!


Check out when our The Great Junk Hunt show will be coming to your neck of the woods. You will be able to find items such as these and much more!