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Chalkboard art a la...Funky Junk Style

Mom aka Funky Junk Sister #1 is moving. Yes, she is selling her house.

She spent more than thirty years in this home and guess what? She collected alota cool junk! It took weeks to move her and it took me just a few seconds to claim all the things I wanted. That's see all of us girls laid claim to our stake a long time ago, so mom knew exactly what each girl wanted. She piled things up neatly in stacks labeled with each of our names. So all we had to do was load it up! I went home with a truck load full. 

Next, we had to get the house ready to sell, which meant staging it. She had plenty of stuff to do that with but my favorite was this old door. A few years back I painted chalkboard paint on the middle section of it and we used it as a prop at one of our Funky Junk Sisters shows. I found it hidden in the back of the garage under a bunch of stuff. I pulled it out and decided I needed to chalk a saying on it that would appeal to the heartstrings of a buyer. This is what I came up with....I placed it at the end of her bedroom hallway and called it good. 

Now lets hope a buyer loves it and the house as much as mom did. 

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An Ever Growing Collection of Vintage Blankets


An Ever Growing Collection of Vintage Blankets

I gotta confess that I am obsessed with vintage wool blankets. 

I began collecting them awhile back when I snatched up a few 

at an estate sale with a large stack of them!  

They are beautiful and so useful.

They are great for snuggling on the sofa, but they are also wonderful to take along to a football game or a picnic. Often times I'll use them at the end of a bed for a punch of color or as a tablecloth when I'm wanting a cozy look. 

Hunting for them is fun too. I keep an eye out for them at garage sales, 

thrift shops and antique stores. 

They can be repurposed into many things too. 

Check out this FAB chair from Red Barn Merchantile!

And this magnificent pillow listed by The Cottage Workroom on Etsy.

My collection of wool blankets is growing all the you collect anything?

I would love to hear about it!


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