10 Tips For Shopping The Great Junk Hunt Vintage Market

1. Clothes

Wear comfortable shoes and loose-fitting, layers of clothing  - Meandering from booth to booth should be fun, not miserable.

2. Selection

Get there early for the best selection - The best pieces usually sell first, so be there to buy them first.

3. Phone

Fully charge your phone - Take a picture of where you parked so you can find your way back easily.  Take photos of purchases, so you can go back later for pickup.

4. Strategy

Plan out your strategy – Take a list of items you are looking for with you and walk the show in a particular pattern so you don’t miss anything.  We suggest going around a show twice. You never know what you may have missed the first time around.

5. Map

Grab a vendor map – It’s an easy way to note the location of a vendor, so you can go back later for pickup or revisit booths for those “maybe” items.

6. Cash

Have cash in hand – Many of our vendors will accept credit cards but cash is still king. Most of our show locations have ATM machines so don’t forget to ask for the location if you find yourself needing one.

7. Bag

Bring a market bag – Take a bag or tote to carry your finds; a bag with long handles that can be slung over the shoulder is best.  For heavier items, it’s best to bring a wagon or a cart.

8. Measure

Be ready to measure – Always carry a measuring tape, it’s helpful if you’re looking for a piece to fit a certain spot.

9. Talk

Talk with the vendors – If you don’t see what you need, they might have it in storage or know another vendor who does.

10. Love it, buy it

If you love it, buy it – Most items at our shows are unique, if you can’t live without it buy it before someone else does.


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