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What Do You Like Most About The Great Junk Hunt?

What Do You Like Most About Funky Junk Sister's Vintage Markets?

Is it that we bring tons of vendors with cool junk and put them all under one roof for your junk-a-holic shopping pleasure?

Is it the people that you meet and the laughs that you share?

Is it our knowledgeable vendors?

The special guests we bring in?

Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style.

Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style.

Or is it all the cool stuff you can find?


Maybe it's the vintage trailers we bring in....

Whatever the need to be there! It's a great place to meet all your girlfriends 

to spend the day laughing, giggling and on the hunt for good junk!

Better make sure at least one of you has room to carry home

 all the loot in their vehicle.

Cuz we know you'll find a few treasures for your humble abode!

Our next show is February 19 & 20 in Monroe, WA at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds...

won't ya'll join us?