Let's set the stage, this all started when Linda was a young girl, in a small town north of Spokane, Washington called Deer Park. This is where her mother stopped at every garage sale in sight to find furniture for their home or a new/used outfit for one of the kids. At the time, Linda was not excited about these ventures and usually would urge her mother to hurry so they could get back home. As much as she disliked thrifting, she learned a lot from her mom over those early years, "JuNkiN' is part of my family heritage because that's how I grew up, building a home with whatever we could find that fit our needs. We didn't have a lot of money, we made use of the things that we did have or could find". Her mom was a self taught decorator with plenty of practice incorporating her added inventory. Because of her mom's passion for thrifting, she soon caught the JuNkiN' bug.

Fast forward 30 years to Tacoma Washington where Linda desired to introduce the next generation to antiques and vintage by creating a market full of hand picked vendors with fun inspiring booths. She created one of the biggest vintage markets in the Pacific Northwest called "The Great Junk Hunt". Voted on numerous occasions, a top vintage market in America. This all takes place just a few miles outside of Tacoma at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup. "This is where it all started in 2009 and the market has grown bigger and better each year". We now have over 40,000 sq. ft of vintage, upcycled, recycled goodness for shoppers to hunt through".

Shoppers waiting for the doors to open at The Great Junk Hunt

Shoppers waiting for the doors to open at The Great Junk Hunt

The Great Junk Hunt happens twice a year at the Washington State Fairgrounds with two large buildings full of what Linda likes to call "Junk". This vintage flea market has become a must see attraction in the Tacoma area over the years, with lines that seem like they are a mile long to get in to see the treasures that are awaiting shoppers. "If you are into vintage, farmhouse, upcycled, recycled, shabby chic and mid-mod home decor then this is the place for you. You really can find awesome unique pieces that you will not find anywhere else! Why settle for the ordinary stuff that you see at the mall when you can come to The Great Junk Hunt and find one of a kind pieces for your home?"

What started out as a childhood chore has now become a dream job for Linda Albers. "If you are ever in the Tacoma or Western Washington area then make plans to come out to The Great Junk Hunt to have a JuNkiN' good time!