We want to tackle a pallet wall and we think we have found the solution with this fun project...it's actually more art on the wall than a wall itself.  It's simple but still captures the natural look we want. 

In the picture below they did a complete wall. The different tones in the wood give it the perfect rustic quality we are looking for. 

You can create any pattern you choose just add paint to give it a lighter look. 

Here's another brilliant way to add soft lighting to a room. This restaurant chose to do sections rather than a complete wall. 

Why not use it in the kitchen too? The texture is fantastic in a room that is usually full of smooth surfaces. 

Two funky junk sons live in studio apartments, we've been looking for the perfect solution to create a room divider without looking too feminine. This does the trick!

We better get to work.

Catch ya later....